Appellate Practice

Appellate Practice

While trial attorneys properly focus on winning the trial, appellate attorneys concentrate on the larger goal of winning the case. Peter has over 20 years of experience in both areas, so he provides exceptional written and oral advocacy at every level of litigation. Peter enjoys a well-earned reputation for creative, nuanced, and thorough legal analysis.

Peter can provide clients appellate-level expertise at all levels of litigation, including:

  • Develop litigation strategy to position issues for an appeal or, sometimes, avoid an appeal altogether;
  • Identify and develop critical legal issues through pretrial motions, trial briefs, oral argument, and interlocutory appeals;
  • Monitor trials to ensure the preservation of the record, identify trial court errors, prepare trial briefs, and facilitate settlement;
  • Post-trial intervention, which is critical for identifying and developing appellate issues, providing a fresh perspective of the record, and objective evaluation of the chances of success of post-trial motions and appeals;
  • Drafting appeals.

Peter’s singular focus is to achieve the best result for his clients using his procedural and substantive expertise. Peter tailors his services to meet the client’s needs, goals, and budget. Because of his vast experience in trials and appeals, Peter can draw on substantial resources to serve the client’s interests. Yoars Law offers not only flexibility in the services it provides, but is also open to considering alternative fee structures, including fixed fee and hybrid fee arrangements.

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