Construction activity in New York has declined by 48% since March 2, 2020, according to an artificial intelligence (A.I.) driven tool that uses live field data to measure changes of commercial construction activity in the United States since the COVID–19 pandemic began.

This is according to activity measured on construction site cameras maintained by the OxBlue Company (OxBlue), from Atlanta, Georgia. As explained in its first COVID-19 Report, the “OxBlue Activity Index” follows field data created by measuring job site activity and comparing it to previous milestones, unlike other macroeconomic indicators that lag.[1] The analysis covers all 50 states and over 100 metropolitan areas. OxBlue continues to update its site and the most recent Impact Report (April 20, 2020) can be found here.

Construction activity in the states has suffered a more significant impact than seen at the national level. Six states have suffered a decline in construction activity greater than 25%.[2] Michigan has seen the most considerable decline with 81%, Pennsylvania 69%, Massachusetts 58%, New York 48%, Washington 45%, and Colorado 27%. Meanwhile, construction activity at the national level is tracking at similar levels measured from early March 2020.

New York is one of only six states that have deemed particular construction to be a non-essential (see Yoars Law’s post “NYC DOB Bans Non-Essential Construction & Demolition Sites during COVID-19 Outbreak” from April 14, 2020).

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