Construction Disputes

Construction Disputes

Peter has utilized his years of extensive experience in construction law to represent a wide range of clients in construction litigation in several different states including the New York metropolitan area, Pennsylvania and Connecticut and as well as Federal Courts. He has successfully represented general contractors, prime contractors, subcontractors, sub-subcontractors, construction managers, owners, developers, architects, and engineers in matters ranging from small payment disputes to multi-million dollar litigation.

When confronted with a potential construction dispute by a client, Peter provides a thorough cost-benefit analysis before commencing any civil or business lawsuit, thoroughly explaining the legal options to the client so they are in the best position possible to make intelligent decisions regarding their case — including whether to seek resolution through alternative dispute resolution, negotiate a settlement, or prepare for and proceed to trial, taking pride in helping his clients obtain successful resolutions that are cost-effective and meet their needs. While litigation is never a desirable outcome, strong and swift enforcement and/or action will get you compensated or protect you from paying too much.

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